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Founded in 2002 and headquartered in Simi Valley, California, Go Mini’s gained industry notice when about half of its 200-plus dealers agreed to follow the company’s decision to convert to a franchise model. Since then, Go Mini’s has become the fastest growing portable storage company in North America and has been ranked in the “Top 20 New Franchises” by Entrepreneur magazine.


Industry insiders praise Go Mini’s superior product and customer service, as well as an operations model that requires minimal staff and fewer demands on the ownership. Unlike other portable storage companies that demand burdensome fixed costs, such as warehouses and forklifts, Go Mini’s better-built, ventilated containers withstand the elements and resist humidity and mold. Consumers value the difference and appreciate that Go Mini’s offers a 20-foot container, the only franchised portable storage company that does.

For the businessperson who already owns storage units, an equipment/vehicle rental company or an operation with sufficient property to accommodate containers, a Go Mini’s franchise can be the ideal diversification strategy. At the proper scale — number of containers matched to the size and mobility trends of your market — a Go Mini’s franchise can generate substantial profits while offering appealing tax advantages. Couple that with proprietary marketing/operation systems, tailored growth plans plus ROI analytics and corporate support that dials in effective strategies for every market, and it’s little wonder Franchise Business Review recognizes Go Mini’s as having the “Most Satisfied Franchisees.”



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