Go Mini’s moves you forward faster.

The average American moves nearly 12 times in her lifetime.

Add to that the home renovations or the occasional emergency, such as fire, flood or storm damage, and homeowners are constantly searching for convenient, flexible, portable storage solutions. Long story short, the demand for Go Mini’s can be big business.

Most portable storage companies will deliver and pick up a container to the customer’s home. But the similarities end there. Go Mini’s offers a clear advantage that the customer sees and values.

  • container size
    Containers offered in three lengths — 12 ft., 16 ft., 20 ft. — and Go Mini’s is the ONLY franchised company with a 20 ft. container.
  • better built
    Better built containers that offer superior protection for customers’ property.
  • climate controlled
    Eight-inch ground clearance protects against sudden heavy rains; climate-controlled ventilation reduces humidity, moisture and mold.
  • narrow spaces
    Engineered to go in more challenging spaces (narrow driveways/alleys) with padded wheels to protect driveways.

For you, reward without restrictions.

Our franchisees recognize the opportunity in portable storage and see the clear advantages of Go Mini’s. There’s a reason Go Mini’s is the fastest-growing international brand in the industry:

  • Superior construction and climate-controlled design of Go Mini’s containers mean no warehouse is required.
  • No need for a large staff and retail presence; in fact, many franchisees are semi-absentee and/or home-based.
  • Advanced internet marketing and operation systems handle the lion’s share of lead generation and customer service; corporate support takes your success to heart.
  • Excellent ROI with recurring monthly income and significant tax advantages.

Every Go Mini’s territory is protected. Furthermore, the home office works closely with every franchisee to analyze the market’s potential and structure the franchise for maximum profit.

Territories are available in multiple states. Are you ready to move forward faster?


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