When you’re ready to come on board, Go Mini’s makes it simple.

Launching a new business is no small thing.

The success achieved by Go Mini’s franchisees is, we believe, directly tied to our discovery process. While uncomplicated, it is designed to help both of us gather the information we need to confirm with confidence that our franchise is a good fit for you and for Go Mini’s.


We get to know you. Beginning with a questionnaire you complete ahead of time, your franchise development manager will connect with you on the phone. The call lasts about an hour as you both go through the answers on your questionnaire.

Let’s get moving! This presentation walks you through the Go Mini’s business model in more detail. During this phase you will also receive, complete and return the Franchise Disclosure Document. The FDD clearly explains what Go Mini’s expects from franchisees and what you can expect from the company.

Meet our franchise owners. We call these “validation calls,” and your development manager will coordinate the phone calls with Go Mini’s franchisees. You can question them about their businesses and learn about their experiences to get a clear vision of what’s ahead for you.

Down to business. When you reach this point in your journey, you’ll want to clear up any lingering questions and concerns. Your franchise development manager will walk you through the FDD in detail, point by point, discuss available financing options if needed and address any remaining questions you have.

Discovery day. You make a visit to Go Mini’s headquarters to meet the executive team, tour the facility and “walk a day in the life” of a Go Mini’s franchisee. It’s an honest look at what it’s like to be a part of the Go Mini’s family. You’ll leave with a Franchise Agreement Package containing all the required documentation to become the proud owner of a Go Mini’s franchise.

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